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Bring the outside-in perspective by augmenting your organizational data with external public data like industry benchmarks, economic indicators, real-estate, e-commerce, news, and social trends etc.

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Available Datasets

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Comprehensive source of global news media in over 65 languages. Historic (last 4 year) and latest news data from thousands of news websites. All news data is enriched by our state-of-the-art NLP algorithms


Social media datasets from all major providers. Listen to what people are saying about your product, services or organization. Explore a world of new opportunity to understand people, groups, and society.

Economic Indicators

Global Economic Indicators from multiple trustworthy sources to help you judge the overall health of economy and interpret investment possibilities

Stock Market

Historic and latest stock market data, with company profiles, analyst views, live share and stock prices from all over the world, FTSE 100 index and equities, currencies, bonds and commodities performance.

Climate Change

Datasets on climate change, sustainability, environment, weather, to assist decision-makers on input sourcing, insurance needs, design standards, and infrastructure to business structuring and financing.

Healthcare and Medicine

Comprehensive datasets on global healthcare systems, including disease prevalence, treatment outcomes, hospital performance, and pharmaceutical developments. Ideal for research, policy-making, and healthcare planning.


Global education datasets covering enrollment rates, graduation statistics, literacy rates, standardized test scores, and educational attainment. Use these insights to analyze educational trends and inform policy decisions.

Transportation and Mobility

Extensive datasets on public transportation systems, traffic patterns, vehicle registrations, and mobility trends. Essential for urban planning, transportation management, and infrastructure development.

Demographics and Population

Detailed demographic datasets providing information on population size, age distribution, migration patterns, and household composition. Useful for social research, market analysis, and policy planning.

Agriculture and Food Security

Datasets on agricultural production, crop yields, livestock populations, food prices, and nutrition. Critical for understanding food security, agricultural economics, and sustainable farming practices.

Energy and Resources

Data on energy production, consumption, and prices, along with information on renewable energy sources and resource management. Vital for energy policy, sustainability studies, and economic planning.

Public Safety and Crime

Comprehensive datasets on crime rates, law enforcement activities, and public safety measures. Key for criminology research, public policy, and community safety initiatives.

Housing and Urban Development

Datasets on housing markets, property prices, urbanization trends, and infrastructure development. Important for real estate analysis, urban planning, and economic development.

Labor and Employment

Data on employment rates, labor force participation, wages, job vacancies, and workforce demographics. Essential for economic analysis, labor market studies, and policy-making.

Tourism and Hospitality

Information on tourism trends, travel statistics, hotel occupancy rates, and visitor demographics. Valuable for tourism industry analysis, marketing strategies, and economic impact assessments.

Bring the outside-in perspective

Use our production-ready datasets to meet your specific needs

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