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Voice of Customer

Unlock the power of Voice of Customer (VOC) insights. Automate data collection and analysis to drive customer-centric changes.

Case Study: A US based car dealership analyzed customer feedback across channels to identify trends, gauge customer satisfaction, and drive product improvements. By systematically reviewing over 10,000 feedback entries, they pinpointed issues specific to each department and location. Focused improvements led to a remarkable 25% increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS), significantly enhancing overall customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Document Processing

Transform your document processing with intelligent automation. Extract data from your documents in a structured format.

Case Study: A mid-sized healthcare provider transformed its accounts payable process, efficiently managing about 12,000 invoices monthly. This overhaul resulted in an 80% reduction in processing time, allowed for the reallocation of 6 full-time employees to higher-value tasks, and significantly enhanced supplier relationships.

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Synthetic Data

Our synthetic data solutions provide a powerful alternative to using real-word data, enabling you to harness diverse and complex datasets that mimic real-world scenarios without compromising client privacy.

Case Study: A global financial services firm used our synthetic data solutions to enhance fraud detection while preserving customer privacy. By generating realistic datasets, they improved their machine learning models, achieving a 40% reduction in false positives and a 30% increase in detected fraud. This allowed continuous model training and evaluation, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

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Public Data

Bring the outside-in perspective by augmenting your organizational data with external public data like industry benchmarks, economic indicators, real-estate, e-commerce, news, and social trends etc.

Case Study: A retail chain leveraged our public data solutions to enhance its market strategy by integrating industry benchmarks, economic indicators, and social trends. This comprehensive data approach enabled them to identify emerging market opportunities and optimize their inventory management. As a result, they saw a 15% increase in sales and improved customer satisfaction by aligning their offerings with current market demands.

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Kickstart your data journey and uncover valuable data sources with our expert consultation services.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive analysis, revealing trends and patterns that inform strategic decisions to drive business growth.

Insight Activation

We work closely with you to help implement insightful data-driven actions that align with your business objectives.

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